The RPI Student Senate
The Rensselaer Union Student Senate is the chief legislative, representative, and policy-making body of the Union.  The Student Senate is responsible for policy decisions relevant to the Union’s Student Government organizations.  The Senate also directly represents the voice of the student body to the greater RPI community, serving as a platform for student initiative and advancement of student interests.  To this end, the Senate and its committees identify student concerns and address significant student issues through discussions, legislation, and projects, working with the Institute and surrounding community to enhance the Rensselaer experience.

Student voices are important on college campuses and the RPI Student Senate ensures student opinion is recognized and acted upon.

The 2014 – 2015  Rensselaer Student Senate is Rensselaer’s 45th Student Senate. The Senate is composed of 26 voting Senators and chaired by the 149th Grand Marshal Kyle Keraga ‘15, the highest elected student official. The Senate’s membership includes six elected graduate Senators and four elected Senators from each undergraduate class, two Independent Senators that represent all non-Greek students, and two Greek Senators selected by the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council.

Governing Documents
The Rensselaer Student Senate is governed by several documents including:

All governing documents are available to the RPI community on the Senate’s document storage site, Flagship documents. Please be sure to log into the site to see the complete archive of documents.