Photos & You!

Hello RPI! You know those aging photos that are hanging in the Union? Ya know, the ones that have people who no one knows anymore? Well, the Marketing, Advertising, and Publicity Committee is looking to revamp those photos with new ones that showcase student life in all its forms. So, if you have photos of club activities, Greek life, big events, small events, your friends hanging out, your enemies hanging out, or really anything that shows off the Rensselaer Union, submit them! You can upload photos via Google Photos at Read More

Eboard Summer Documents

Hello! I hope you're enjoying your summer! At the moment the usual form of hosting files, flagship, and I don't quite see eye to eye, so for the summer I'll keep all minutes motions and documents in this dropbox folder for your viewing pleasure: If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at any time at I'll be doing updates on here and the RPI subreddit as future motions arise. I apologize for the delay, internet issues and a busy summer caused quite a bit of chaos on the homefront. All the Best, Nick…